Discover the experience of living in a Sanctuary. Soak in the majestic sweep of the stoic Yogi Hills. Enjoy the privileges of a soliloquy in a city that never sleeps, on a private driveway that stretches up to 150 metres. And go for a ride on the good old cycle on the longest cycling and jogging track in the making that will connect Mulund and Antop Hill. Embrace an Uncaged Lifestyle. Welcome to Runwal Sanctuary. Far away from the madding crowd and above it; catch the Yogi hills locked in a game of hide and seek. with the clouds and the sun. Turn every syllable into a timeless tale; while you are in the august company of soliloquies, on the private driveway carved out for you. Share your secrets with the birds; and let them regale you with stories. Ride your way back to childhood through the foggy ruins of time on that good old cycle of yours . Explore the nation’s largest cycling and jogging track that connects the two hemispheres of the City of Dreams. Experience nature’s majestic blanket surrounded with an avant-garde lifestyle Experience a Life Set Free.



150 metres private driveway

1.5 lac sq.ft. of landscaped podium

Scenic Views of Yogi Hills

Located at Golden Mile, LBS Marg


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